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Anyone who knows me could probably tell you that cheese is far and away my favorite food. I take great pleasure in trying new types, as well as finding new ways to integrate cheese into every meal. When I was living in Brattleboro, VT I would frequent thrift and antique stores in the area and you can imagine my excitement upon finding this gem of a cookbook from 1956. One of the recipes that caught my attention was a tomato-based dish that went by many names, including Rinktum Ditty. In the recipe description it states, "Serve it for special occasions or for no particular occasion. Serve it often and call it what you like." As a photographer and an artist, I often find beauty in the seemingly mundane objects and situations of everyday life. I get swept up in the craft and care that goes into creating such things, whether it is made by nature or human. I think these miniature love affairs make even the worst days bearable, constantly renewing my curiosity in the world and desire to always be learning. As the recipe states, when you find this deliciousness, this comfort, you should indulge often. In essence, it's okay to get a little cheesy once in a while.


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